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What you will get in these comprehensive training programs?
Options to learn in Classroom or ONLINE, or LIVEeCLASS
24/7 unlimited access to online course content for the course period
Highly skilled, real-world experienced Facilitator Support in Classroom/LIVEeCLASS/Online
Anywhere Anytime on-going Continue Education Path with more than 300 courses
Strategically aligned global networking with International Institutes and Associations
FREE* 8' Android 2.2 with "Certification" course enrolment
Proven highly interactive practical Scenarios, Case Studies and participatory sessons
Accredited Certificate to prove you have mastered and complete the course
Optional: Personal and/or Job Skills Assessment(TTI Assessment Product)


Welcome to International Six Sigma Institute

International Six Sigma Institute is a Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities consented, Canadian registered International  Business Education Institute, dedicated to the essential and growing need for online Six Sigma education and training.

Six Sigma is highly successful, effective business management strategy that is widely used by many of the world’s most successful companies, including Motorola, General Electric and Honeywell.
The primary goal of Six Sigma is to decrease cost and increase profitability. Six Sigma is a quality management process that takes a very data-driven, methodical approach to eliminating defects. It creates an infrastructure of change agents through an organization.

International SixSigma Institute unique differentiator - All certification courses come with core SixSigma and supporting skills courses like facilitation skills, project management, change management, communications skills, etc...

These change agents focus on strategic goals to produce tangible benefits. Six Sigma emphasizes breakthrough rates of improvement and focuses on world class performance to achieve organizational success.
The certificate programs offered by International Six Sigma Institute provide a practical and relevant education in all the required knowledge and technical expertise required to understand Six Sigma.
The professionals at International Six Sigma Institute have spent years developing and refining high performance programs which are highly applicable

We have trained business professsionals like you in Fortune 500 companies at great brands in countries all over the world including Canada, USA, UK, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, UAE, Algeria,  Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, India, China, Brazil, Belgium, Libya, Jordan, Panama, Portugal, to name a few.

However, in today’s business world, just understanding Six Sigma is not enough. It is equally essential to have a solid understanding of how to use the knowledge.
International Six Sigma Institute also teaches the necessary techniques and strategies in human interaction which, if applied on a consistent basis, manifest in the ever increasing ability of our graduates to produce constant and never ending improvements in their results.
Greater success and more opportunity invariably follow!

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